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Floor insulation 

Floor insulation system for solid wooden floors to avoid acoustic bridging

Areas of application

Floor insulation system used for solid wooden floors to avoid acoustic bridging. Good impact sound and heat insulation for
various types of floors.


• acoustic insulation against impact and airborne sound

• enables mechanical fixing of the deck to the battens
• excellent insulation qualities
• water vapour open
• enhanced vapour transfer
• helps to regulate the indoor climate
• ecological and environmentally friendly
• recyclable
• product made from wood fibres, independently certified by the FSC®

Board sizes & Packaging information
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Prices (GST inclusive)

Price includes wood slat

40mm board [R value 1.0] -  $36.00 /m² inc. GST

60mm board [R value 1.5] -  $52.51 /m² inc. GST

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