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Gap insulation 

Flexible strips used to fill & insulate gaps between window and door frames.

Areas of application

Resilient bands for floating screeds allowing the separation with
vertical structural elements, or joints expansion in dry construction. Used an infill for gaps between windows / doors and timber frame.


• Ecological alternative to resilient polyethylene tapes
• Excellent sound insulation
• Strong, rigid and resistant to pressure
• Quick implementation, easy cutting
• Does not cause skin reaction
• Convenient packaging suitable for work on construction sites

Sizes and Packaging information

Strip Dimensions: 10mm thick x 100mm wide x 10m long

Packaging: 3 rolls per Box

Sold per Box


$99 / box (3 rolls)

Minimum order quantities: Box 

Sales terms + Delivery Options:  Learn more here 


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Benefits of Natural Wood Fibre Insulation

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Excellent winter protection 

Weather tight and breathable

Good sound protection

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Easy to install with regular tools

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