Underlay for parquet and laminate flooring

Steico Underfloor


Board dimensions

790mm x 590mm

Thermal Conductivity  λD (W/mK) 



Data sheet / brochure


Steico Underfloor

Impact sound insulation on parquet and laminate floorings up to 19 dB . Improvement of the acoustics on parquet and laminate floorings.

• Very good impact sound insulation and improvement of the acoustics
• Excellent insulating qualities
• High compression strenght up to 15 t / m² - important for click-systems
• Long-time usage suitability through stable fibre structure
• High water vapour open
• Resistant against chemic solvents
• Easy and fast installation
• Adjust unevennesses up to 3 mm
• Suitable for underfloor heating systems in combination with
appropriate floor coverings
• Ecological and environmentally friendly, recyclable