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Insulation batts

High density, flexible woodfibre insulation batts for building cavities

Areas of application

The Steico Flex036 wood fibre insulation batts can be installed in all your building cavities. Roof, ceiling, wall and floor construction.

• Flexible thermal insulation
• Easy handling and classified as non-irritant to skin;
• Good compression strength;
• Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer
• Water vapour open & breathable  for a healthy room environment 
• Ecological and environment-friendly, fully recyclable;
• Provides a green architectural solution

• Passive House Institute Certified Component

Prices (GST inclusive) & Declared Thermal Resistance


60mm    [R 1.65]   - $21.60 / m² 
70mm    [R 1.94]   - $28.60 / m² *
80mm    [R 2.20]   - $30.40 / m² 

90mm    [R 2.50]   $36.80 / m² *

100mm  [R 2.75]  -  $35.40 / m² 

120mm  [R 3.30]  -  $41.40 / m² 

140mm  [R 3.85]  -  $52.00 / m² 

160mm  [R 4.40]  -  $58.40 / m² 
180mm  [R 5.00]  -  $68.60 / m² 

200mm  [R 5.55]  -  $72.80 / m² 

220mm  [R 6.10]  -  $82.80 / m² 

240mm  [R 6.65]  -  $86.00 / m² 

*70mm & 90mm thickness prices based on 1220mm long x 415mm wide batts. For different dimension,  please contact us for prices.  

Minimum order quantities: Pallet quantity

Ordering & Delivery Options:  Learn more here

Sizes and Packaging information

Standard batt dimensions are 1220mm long x 575mm wide, however custom length & width dimensions are available to suite your needs.   For 70mm & 90mm thick batts, please contact us for more packaging information. 

 Technical Specifications

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Benefits of Natural Wood Fibre Insulation

Excellent summer heat protection

Excellent winter protection 

Weather tight and breathable

Good sound protection

Excellent fire protection

Easy to install with regular tools

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