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Rigid sarking,  sheathing & insulating board for external walls and roofs


The Universal rigid board from Steico can be installed as a protective skin over the building envelope. They provides an air-tight, water resistant, thermal break as well as a sound proofing layer.  The boards can be fixed over timber framing,  CLT's, masonry walls,  metal frames & over roof rafters. 


  • High Compression Strength

  • High summer heat protection

  • Excellent insulation qualitites, prevents thermal bridging 

  • Enhanced water vapour transfer

  • Water vapour open, suitable for warm roof constructions

  • Water resistant due to the tongue and groove profile. No need to tape the joints for pitches over 16°

  • May be exposed and used as temporary protection for up to 4 weeks

  • Efective protection against wind, dust, moisture and sound

  • Contributes to a healthier internal climate

  • Ecologically and environmentally friendly, recyclable

  • Manufactured from woodfibre and FSC certified

  • CE marked

  • Passive House Institute Certified Component

"Universal" board thickness / R values / Prices per sqm  (GST inclusive)

22mm - [R value -0.45]  $16.00 /sqm 
35mm - [R value -0.70]  $24.40 /sqm  

60mm - [R value -1.25]  $38.40 /sqm  


Board dimensions typically  2200mm x 750mm

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