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Internal insulation of external walls

Ecological insulation board for internal insulation of masonry & timber framed walls. 
The insulation board can be directly fixed and plastered.

What are the benefits  ?

  • Excellent control of condensation
  • Multi-purpose internal insulation board that saves energy
    and improves the internal climate.
  • Particularly diffusion open
  • Made from fresh, sustainable softwood
  • Provides a healthy internal climate
  • Ecological, sustainable and recyclable like natural wood
  • Render carrying board for Lime and Clay plasters

Important protection from mould:

Insulating with STEICOinternal greatly increase the internal wall surface temperature – another important protection against the possible build-up of mould.

Feel-good factor:

Rooms also feel significantly warmer if the wall surface temperature is higher. If the room feels warmer, then it is often possible to decrease the actual room temperature.

Typical wall detail  for both external & internal insulating of masonry walls

1 Adhesive mortar

2 Steico Wood fibre insulation board

3 Render base coat with mesh

4 Intermediate render coating (optional)


5 Render top coat 


6 Color (optional)

Finishing the boards with natural renders

The boards can be topped off with natural Lime based renders or earthen based renders.

Fixing of boards to masonry walls & timber frames

The boards are secured into place by using  specially designed screws for masonry walls or timber frames. 

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Our natural wood fibre insulation partner: Steico


Benefits of Natural Wood Fibre Insulation

Excellent summer heat protection

Excellent winter protection 

Weather tight and breathable

Good sound protection

Excellent fire protection

Easy to install with regular tools

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