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multi tape P

For butt joint and joint / adhesive bonding in the STEICO sheet and membrane system and on wood-based panels. Stickers serve for quickly sealing larger openings.

• Solvent-free
• Temperature resistant between
   − 40 °C  and + 100 °C
• Can be torn by hand
• Robust kraft paper backing
• Stickers ideal for sealing injection holes


10 rolls / cardboard box
Roll: Width: 60mm x Length 40m

Pricing (includes  GST)

$ 42.00 / roll

Product Info
Sheet - 1.4mb

multi tape F

Butt joint and joint adhesive bonding of STEICO wood fibre panels together with STEICOmulti primer.
- For butt joint and joint adhesive bonding in the
STEICO sheet and membrane system.
- For joint bonding of the
STEICOfix insulation wedge.

• Solvent-free
• High UV and ageing resistance
• High moisture resistance/rainproof
• Can be used indoors and in protected
  outdoor areas
• Can be processed from −10°C (dry and
   ice-free substrate required)
• Temperature resistant between
   −40 °C and + 100 °C


10 rolls / Cardboard box
Roll: 60mm (W) x 25m (L)

Pricing (includes  GST)

$  33.00 / roll

Product Info
Sheet - 580Kb

multi primer

Primer for the adhesion promotion/ improvement of adhesive bondings with STEICOmulti tape F 
on mineral substrates with different absorbency levels (e.g. gypsum fibreboard, concrete, masonry)
as well as wood and wood-based materials (e.g. STEICO wood fibre insulation)

  • Solvent-free

  • Rapid flash-off time

  • High penetration

  • Cold substrate can be processed from −10°C

  • Efficient material application thanks to a practical dispensing bottle

  • Good water resistance


PE bottle with dispenser, content 1 kg

1 Bottle covers approximately  25 - 35 linear meter strip 100mm-150mm wide.

Pricing (includes  GST)

$ 39 per bottle

Product Info
Sheet - 1Mb

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