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What makes a building healthy ?
A building is healthy if it doesn’t harm the environment or its occupants.

Breathability is at the core of what makes a building healthy. A vapour-open insulation product contributes to a healthier indoor environment, and in turn, to your wellbeing.

Breathability image.jpg

Often referred to as ‘permeability’ or ‘vapour open construction’, this core functionality of the building fabric is its ability to deal with the negative effects of moisture in a natural way.

Fabric first approach 

Buildings with a ‘fabric first approach’ are not afraid of moisture. They understand
how it works and deal with it in a natural way.

The internal side of a wall or roof incorporates a vapour control layer which limits
the amount of moisture that can enter the structure.

The external side is vapour open and ensures any moisture that does enter the
structure can naturally migrate to the outside and evaporate away.

In addition to this fabric balance, the use of wood fibre ensures that any moisture in the structure can be stored at source and then migrated to the outside through natural processes.



Learn more about what makes a healthy building with this brochure 




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