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Flexible adhesive sealant / fillers

Thanks to our extensive adhesive and sealant accessories, the STEICO membrane and sheet range can be connected with each other and to adjacent components in a secure and reliable manner. 

Filling gaps between boards

multi fill


12 cartridges/cardboard box
@ 310 ml/470 g

Compression-resistant joint filling compound


$27.00  per cartridge

• Permanently elastic with high compressive strength
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Can be plastered over
• UV stable
• Free from isocyanate, solvent and silicone
• Rapid complete curing
• Can be used wet on wet
• High adhesion on various substrates

Product Info 
Sheet - 1Mb

Connecting boards to adjacent components

multi connect


12 cartridges/cardboard box@ 310 ml/370 g

For all joint areas of the STEICO
construction system and on adjacent components


$  15.00 per cartridge

• Permanently elastic
• Solvent-free
• Does not drip off
• Can be used without press-on lath
• Extremely high adhesive strength
• Can also be used from the outside for roof rehabilitations

Product Info 
Sheet - 1Mb

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Benefits of Natural Wood Fibre Insulation

Excellent summer heat protection

Excellent winter protection 

Weather tight and breathable

Good sound protection

Excellent fire protection

Easy to install with regular tools

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