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Tested to the most stringent criteria in the world

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Healthier option to synthetic based insulation

At Insulate Naturally we believe that building and insulating materials shouldn't make you sick. You have the right to know what types of chemicals are found in the insulation your are installing in your home. This is why we chose only the healthiest thermal insulation products in the world.

The Steico wood fibre products were tested by the Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH (IBR); an independant and highly reputable  laboratory in Germany. 

The IBR'S testing is even more severe than Germany's own  AgBB health requirements . But just don't take our word for it. We encourage you to fully read the report below 


What does the IBR test for ?

  • Radioactivity

  • Biocides, pyrethroids, OHCs, phthalates

  • Biocides

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls

  • Phthalate

  • Flame retardants

  • AOX (Adsorbable organic halides) / EOX Extractable organic halides

  • Solvent and odoriferous VOC substance testing

  • Heavy metals

The seal of approval was created by the Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH in 1982 to enable consumers with awareness for health and ecological matters to protect themselves against health hazards caused by building materials and furniture in their residential environment.
Download the IBR report
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