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Our Partners

Insulate Naturally has built strategic relationships with major European manufacturers and suppliers of natural based insulation and building materials. 

Steico wood fibre insulation Australia

Steico is Europe's largest manufacturers and suppliers of  ecological construction and insulation products. Since 2020, Insulate Naturally has been an official distribution partner for Steico SE, in Australia.  STEICO has over thirty years of  history as a system provider for ecological house building and innovation drivers.


Unger Diffutherm has more than 26 years of experience as a system provider and manufacturer of a whole range of environmentally friendly, innovative, natural wood-fibre insulation systems.

Over 70,000 completed construction projects with satisfied developers, architects and tradesmen are the proof of the excellent quality and high performance of their UdiWOOD-FIBRE.


Claytec GmbH is a leader in earthen building materials. For over 50 years, CLAYTEC has been offering  a wide range of products, from fine surfaces, clay plasters, drywall, interior insulation and timber frame renovation.

Amorim Cork logo.png

With over 100 years, Amorim Cork Insulation has been dedicated to the production of 100% natural acoustic, thermal and anti-vibration insulation agglomerated cork solutions, that offer high technical performance.

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