Discover all the benefits of Natural Wood Fibre Insulation 


Insulation that's naturally better

With Steico's natural wood fibre insulation, you obtain well-being in the house: Protection from cold weather, heat and noise, a pleasant internal climate and balanced air humidity making the property particularly Allergy friendly. With these advantages,  we believe our insulating materials to be genuinely multi-talented


Water vapour open

STEICO insulating materials function as the clothing for the house. Excessive water vapour (e.g. from cooking or showering) can permeate through the structure. This vapour permeability prevents mould and construction damage. At the same time, wax additives create a water resisting (hydrophobic) nature to STEICO products providing effective protection from the elements. Our sarking and sheathing may be exposed for up to 8 weeks as a temporary building covering.  Learn more


Summer heat protection

STEICO insulating materials are heavier than many conventional insulating materials. This additional weight (higher gross density) is the key to the summer heat protection. STEICO insulating materials dampen the daily temperature fluctuations through this higher resistance. In the building it remains cooler inside. Learn more


Winter cold protection

The porous structure of the Wood fibre insulation locks in air and offers efficient insulation against a typically cold winter. Whether used in timber or masonry construction, in existing buildings or meeting passive house requirements in a new build, STEICO insulating materials are the ecological solution in all ranges of application.


Raw materials without harmful additives

STEICO Wood fibre insulating materials are manufactured entirely from timber or hemp. During production, no harmful additives are used. Any additives used are natuarally sourced and their use minimised. All our insulation materials rely on the 'Lignin' inherant in the timber as a bonding agent, rather than artificially introduced resins. With the use of STEICO products you not only reduce the impact on the environment but also improve the environment in your property. Learn more 


Sustainable and certified products

The timber is sourced from forest thinnings or as sawmill by-product. All STEICO products are certified to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) or the PEFC (programs for the Endorsement OF Forest Certification Schemes) standards with full chain of custody paperwork. This process provides you with the assurance that the raw material for all our products originates from sustainable forestry.    Learn more  

Fire Protection.png

Excellent fire protection

STEICO’s rigid insulation panels don’t need any fire protection additive. Their high density prevents them from burning. Only the flexible and air injected insulation include a natural fire protection additive. STEICO insulating materials will not emit toxic gases in the event of fire, unlike many petro-chemical based insulating materials. Learn more


Easy to use

Natural wood fibre are easy to handle and to install. They don't contain any toxic ingredients classifying them as non-irritant to handle.  They can be cut using regular wood cutting tools.


Excellent sound insulation properties

Owing to the fibrous structure and the higher gross density of STEICO insulating materials, they are able to make an important contribution to the acoustic performance of the structure. Not only reducing external airborne sound (for example road noise) but also that within the building. With STEICO systems it is possible to reduce the effects of impact sound transfered through the structure