Insulation board with leveling compensation



Board dimensions

1300mm x 790mm

Thermal Conductivity  λD (W/mK) 

0.038 /0.048


Tongue & Groove

Data sheet / brochure



The wood fibre insulation board UdiRECO® is offered as a system solution and can be used for both internal insulation (System UdiIN RECO®) and external insulation (System UdiRECO®). It can also be used as cellar ceiling insulation.

UdiRECO wood-fibre insulation boards are suitable for direct rendering, have optimized lambda values and provide wind-proof, integrated, levelling compensation for uneven surfaces.

In combination with our new adjustable fixings, it saves time and effort in the levelling of the substrate surface

Adapts itself to uneven surfaces within a range of +/- 2 cm

Tongue and groove around the whole circumference

Sound-absorbing and vapour-permeable


UdiRECOwood-fibre insulation boards are offered as a system solution.

  • Façade insulation

  • Interior insulation

  • Insulating the ceilings of cellars.