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Vapour open insulation solutions for CLT's
Solid wood building elements such as CLT panels can be insulated on either facade with one or several layers of wood fibre insulation boards or/and with a combination of natural wood fibre insulation batts. 
External Walls - CLT & rear ventilated facade
CLT - Cladding - 1x insulation.jpg

1  - CLT
2  - Rigid insulation board
3  - Timber battens 
4  - Cladding 

The steico Universal multi-purpose board or the steico Duo Dry  can be used with a CLT construction. Both our wood fibre boards are water repellent, so an additional water protection layer isn't absolutely necessary. The boards can be temporarily secured to the face of the CLT with typical wood screws or ejotherm fasteners.  Battens can then be fixed over the boards and secured into place with screws.
External Walls - CLT & rear rendered facade

1 - Rigid wood fibre insulating board
 (Fixed with minimun 6 fasteners / sqm of board)
2  - Base coast with reinforcing fabric
3 - Intermediate coating (optional)
4  - Top coat
5  - Finish

The steico Universal multi-purpose board or the steico Duo Dry  can be fixed directly to the CLT using Ejotherm fasternersThe Protect board is suitable for a natural lime based or earthen render finish.
Insulating massive flat roof elements
ETICS - External Thermal Insulation Component System
ETICS installation guide.png
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