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Application - Masonry (Brick) walls

Say goodbye to cold masonry walls. With our natural wood fibre insulating boards, all types of masonry walls (Brick, Cement, Block work, etc..) can be insulated either from the outside or the inside.

What are the benefits of insulating your masonry wall ?

  • Keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in hot periods
  • Easy to install 
  • Water resistant (acts as a sarking board)
  • Boards can be exposed to the elements for up to two months
  • Excellent soundproofing qualities
  • Vapour open. Allows trapped moisture in the wall fabric to escape
  • Reduces thermal bridging in the building elements
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Available in Tongue & Groove or straight edge
  • Provides structural strength to the building element
  • Reduces thermal bridging in the building elements
  • Boards can be cladded or rendered with a vapour open render
  • Good fire resistant qualities

Insulating of masonry walls from the OUTSIDE

Typical wall detail  for both external and internal insulating of masonry walls

1 Adhesive mortar

2 Steico Wood fibre insulation board

3 Render base coat with mesh

4 Intermediate render coating (optional)


5 Render top coat 


6 Color (optional)

Finishing the boards with natural renders

The boards must be topped off with natural Lime based renders or earthen based renders

Fixing of boards to masonry walls (Brief overview)

The masonry portion of the wall and the back of the boards are lined with an adhesive mortar. The board is then pressed into place against the wall. 


installation of board masonry wall.jpg

The boards are then secured into place by using  specially designed masonry screws which we supply. 

Fixing Steico boards to masonry brick wa
Need more technical information ?

You can download the Installation Guides to the Rigid insulating  Sheathing & Sarking boards;  as well as the Product Data Sheet our Downloads section.