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We offer a range of board and bulk products solutions for your floor insulation needs


The installation system for floating floor connection of floorboards

  • Excellent impact sound reduction and improves the room acoustics

  • Excellent insulation properties

  • High absorption capacity contributes to a balanced indoor climate

  • Ecological, sustainable and recyclable like natural wood

Flex036 batts for cavity insulation between floor joists

• Flexible thermal insulation
• Easy handling and classified as non-irritant to skin;
• Good compression strength;
• Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer
• Water vapour open & breathable  for a healthy room environment 
• Ecological and environment-friendly, fully recyclable;
• Provides a green architectural solution

• Passive House Institute Certified Component

steico ZELL

Blow-in insulation for floor cavities

  • Joint free insulation

  • Very good thermal insulation and thermal storage capacity

  • Excellent summer heat protection

  • Water vapour open for a healthy internal climate

  • Particularly slump resistant due to interlooking wood fibres

  • No additional on-site cutting

  • Sound and fire certificates available

  • Recyclable like wood