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Building cavities: Roof, Ceiling, Wall and floor insulation


Natural wood fibre bulk insulation is a high density yet flexible material that can be used in all building cavities: between roof rafters, ceilings areas, external walls, floors and sub-floors, internal partitions , and service zones.

Benefits of using the natural woodfibre bulk insulation batts

• Water vapour open / breathable for a healthy room environment

• Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer

• Flexible thermal insulation, easy handling, non-irritant to skin
• Good compression strength; doesn't sag over time
• Provides excellent sound proofing for rooms
• Ecological and environment-friendly, fully recyclable
• Provides a green architectural solution
• Insulation properties 5 times greater than traditional insulation

The natural wood fibre batts are available in numerous thicknesses. Dimensions are 1990mm long x 575mm wide, however custom lengths and widths can be ordered to match your stud spacing.

Thickness & R Values
60mm    [R 1.65] 
70mm    [R 1.94] 
80mm    [R 2.20]

90mm    [R 2.50]

100mm  [R 2.75] 

120mm  [R 3.30]

140mm  [R 3.85]

160mm  [R 4.40]
180mm  [R 5.00] 

200mm  [R 5.55]

220mm  [R 6.10] 


Where to use it

Between timber walls
Can be used between studs on any type of timber external wall as well as internal partitions.
Between metal framing
Can easily be used between metal framing system for both external walls and for internal partitions.
Roof rafters & ceiling areas
Easily fits between your roof rafters, gable ends, and over your ceilings.
Floors & odd  areas
Perfect for underfloor & other floors within a home. Can also be fitted to odd spaces and service areas.
Use it with CLT's
Easily works with all Cross Laminated Timber Construction.

Fits between your roof rafters, gable ends, and over your ceilings.
Need more technical information ?

You can download the Bulk Insulation installation guide as well as the Product Data Sheet at our Downloads section.

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