Thin internal board for masonry walls. Suitable for direct rendering

Udi 2CM


Board dimensions

1150mm x 750mm

Thermal Conductivity  λD (W/mK) 



Tongue & Groove

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The positive effects of the internal insulation of external walls

The UdiIN 2CM® SYSTEM insulation board is comprised of a matrix of a multitude of chambers enclosing stationary air columns bonded to a capillary-active UdiWood-Fibre Insulation Board. It is notable for its very slim construction depth of approx. 25 mm. The boards are installed by simply gluing them to the wall using UdiFOUNDATION® COAT. This is also subsequently used, together with UdiREINFORCEMENT® Strengthening Mesh, to coat the surface of the boards. This surface can then be wallpapered, painted or tiled. It is also possible to apply additional plaster coatings using UdiLIVE® loam or lime plasters.

Due to its high thermal storage capacity of the wood fibre layer in combination with the insulating effect of the stationary air columns, the surface temperature of the UdiIN 2CM® SYSTEM is much higher than a traditional plastered brick wall, for example.

Two centimetres of UdiIN 2CM® insulation have the same insulating effect as a 105 cm solid concrete wall.